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Construction & Development

Our monitoring and detection systems have been proven invaluable on construction and development projects of all shapes and sizes. Used by large nationwide developers as well as residential construction companies, our cutting-edge self-contained solutions offer exceptional security and value for money.

  • Monitoring 24/7 to minimise losses from theft
  • Monitor progress with time-lapse photography
  • Record and control stock deliveries and site activities
  • Improve health and safety outcomes by detecting improper procedures
  • Deter false workers compensation claims
  • Advanced number plate detection and snapshotting


Sightmaster’s self-contained monitoring solution has been deployed by councils to help with a wide range of applications. Used for significant community events such as the 2018 Commonwealth Games, our system allows councils to protect people and assets everyday.

  • Deploy multiple units to capture number plates for illegal parking
  • Number plate capture and real time footage of hooning areas
  • Monitor illegal dumping sites
  • Monitor and control access to transfer stations
  • Monitor remote spaces such as public car parks and jetties
  • Monitoring and recording of activities at public parks/skateparks/cemeteries etc.

Road Works

Our highly-portable monitoring solution is ideal for road work applications, where the job site is continually evolving and moving with the project. With no need for external power, the Sightmaster poles are invaluable for monitoring traffic for data collection, such as the investigation of merging traffic onto freeways and the congestion of traffic on busy roads.

  • Easily monitor remote site offices and car parks
  • No external power or cabling required
  • Portable and flexible to move with your project
  • Monitor progress with time-lapse photography

Law Enforcement

Deployed in many applications by law enforcement, the Sightmaster monitoring solution has proven invaluable in protecting important crime scenes and for preventative monitoring in remote areas. Our market-leading number plate detection and recording software has helped law enforcement to track and monitor offenders involved in graffiti, theft and car hooning in remote locations.

  • A proactive approach to stop offenders
  • All number plate images are stored on a secured server as per information privacy act of 2009
  • Number plates are searchable by rego number to trace repeat offenders such as hooning

Residential Builders

We’re not just for the big guys, either. Sightmaster was built in conjunction with construction companies of all sizes, so we understand the problems you face when it comes to site monitoring. Our flexible pricing model allows us to tailor a solution that gives you the best result for your budget, and unlike all of our competitors in the market, we don’t make you pay for features you don’t need.

  • Tailored solutions allow for cost-effective pricing
  • Minimise losses from theft
  • Monitor and check deliveries for completeness
  • Monitor progress with time-lapse photography
  • Record development progress for insurance purposes

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Designed, developed and deployed right here in Australia, our site monitoring solutions are the best in the business.

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