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Designed and built in Australia for tough Aussie conditions

Every Sightmaster product is designed and built right here in Australia, so you know that it’s going to stand up to the harsh conditions that we experience every day. With a range of base setups and add-ons to suit, our friendly staff can design a package that works with your project requirements and budget.

The Sightmaster Range

Sightmaster Pro With Multiple Camera’s

Large to medium sites

The Sightmaster Pro is our flagship monitoring system, perfect for large or medium sites. Doing the work of four static camera systems, the SightmasterPro includes our powerful PTZ Camera with 120m excellent night view capabilities and contains our powerful HD number plate detection camera. Also included in the system is one video alarm detector. The 5-metre mast gives excellent coverage and coupled with live video and playback from your smart device, you won’t find a better site monitoring system on the market

Sightmaster Mini With Ptz

Multipurpose sites

Ideally suited for multipurpose sites, the Sightmaster Mini with PTZ has a 3.3m mast and is powered by solar panels with a battery backup system. This unit comes with 80m Night View PTZ camera and one video alarm detector, the Sightmaster Mini is a compact, yet powerful solution that also supports live view from smart devices and playback from our web portal.

Sightmaster Mini With Time Lapse Camera

Multipurpose sites

The Sightmaster Mini with Time-lapse gives you HD resolution time-lapse video on demand, with all images captured at 15 minutes to 1-hour intervals and is saved directly to the web portal for review. This monitoring system is powerful, compact and convenient to deploy. As an additional service, we can also provide editing of your videos, adding sound for the best presentation at the end of the project.

Sightmaster Rapid With Live View Camera

Small sites and add on for large to medium sites

Perfect for small sites, or as an add-on for medium to large sites, the Sightmaster Rapid with Live View camera is a rapidly deployable site monitoring system that packs a punch. Powered by long-life solar with a battery backup system, the Sightmaster Rapid delivers high-quality images from the built-in HD resolution static camera it comes standard with one video alarm detector.

Sightmaster Access Control System

Large to medium sites/Road Access Control

If you are looking for a reliable and intelligent solution for Access Control on your construction site or road project, then you can’t go past the Sightmaster Access Control System for quality and value. Rapidly deployable, the system has a powerful backup battery, powered by solar for a standby time for up to three days. Our smart technology allows you to approve entry and exits remotely via the app, smart device, remote or tag. or schedule in set to specific times.

Sightmaster Tower Crane Camera

Multi-storey building Sites

With the Sightmaster Tower Crane Camera, you can view live construction as it progresses level by level. Perfect for multi-storey building sites, the compact camera is ideal for health and safety control with its crystal clear images saved on our web portal for the life of your project. Live view and playback are also available on smart devices. With a battery backup system, the Tower Crane Camera is a smart, reliable monitoring solution for your next multi-storey project.

Sightmaster Container Security System

Maintain security in your container’s with the Sightmaster Site monitoring solution. Featuring a remote ‘arm’ and ‘disarm’ function that is controlled by an app on your smart device, the system is robust and quick to install. Multiple wireless sensors feed information and allow you to check the opening and closing off container doors it can also be utilized on your site office doors. Up to 50 sensors can be added to the system

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Add-on Optional extra’s

Toolbox Attendance Unit

This camera system features facial recognition and date stamping, and also includes an emergency button.

Two-way Voice Module

This module allows you to communicate or issue a warning via your phone to the site.

Wireless Siren

Add a wireless 5 db siren to your monitoring setup for maximum impact.

Outdoor/indoor Video Detector

Up to 20 video alarm detectors can be added to our camera systems to detect movement on your site or project.


We can maximise the security presence on site by adding either a strobe light or a LED white light to our camera systems.

Weather Station

Add a weather station to your site to monitor rainfall, temperature, wind speed and direction as well as humidity. All of this features is recorded on your PC for future reference on total downtime due to bad weather. This feature is also accessible remotely.

Real-time remote access and control from your phone or desktop

Use your mobile phone or PC to remotely access and control your site cameras at any time of the day or night. Our easy-to-use mobile app lets you pan, tilt and zoom your cameras into any areas of interest with a simple swipe.

The highest quality images in the industry

Day or night, the Sightmaster cameras are streets ahead when it comes to the quality and reliability of the images they produce. Featuring a custom-designed 8-megapixel camera, you can be assured of crystal clear, detailed footage from our units day or night.

Powerful reporting and
management tools

It’s easy to access to all of your Sightmaster units and review all footage and reports in our online portal. View your daily time-lapses, weekly summary videos, number plate detections, site reports and access the live feeds of cameras deployed to your sites.

Compatible with mobile, tablet and Desktop, the online portal gives you fine-tune control over your Sightmaster products.

Smart Number Plate Detection

Our competitors will ‘tell’ you they do number plate detection, but we urge you to compare their results to ours. Our proprietary number plate recognition software is light years ahead, works perfectly at night and features a fully searchable number plate ‘snapshot’ database. This repository of captured plate images allows us to detect and match for as long as the client requires.

Furthermore, our software can flag and correlate matches in number plates across multiple Sightmaster units, giving us a clear advantage in tracking offenders for law enforcement and traffic applications.

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Designed, developed and deployed right here in Australia, our site monitoring solutions are the best in the business.

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